It's May 1st

4:49 am May 1st here in Nz.



Sounds reasonable to me



As an Insider I can only say. The game has already started :smiley:


shurely past your bed time

What’s the score?

@ suitable1 -
The score is 3 - 80

The forum seems to become less responsive. More and more visitors. All because of May 1st. I will not sleep until the announcement.

No not the reason :slight_smile: you will know why on May 1st :open_mouth:

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I’ve just saw the hats for RPi2 on Channel 9. I want them, and I want them now!!!

Channel 9?

That’s so old school. Its Channel 10 now!

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@ Gus -


Let’s see…Michigan is in the eastern time zone. So if the announcements are made as soon as possible on May 1, I should get the news by ten o’clock here in the mountain time zone. About my normal bedtime, but I’ll make the sacrifice to see all the awesomeness.

It’s 11:37pm here in GMT-4. Less than 30 minutes left to May 1st. I’m staying up to see this as well.

It’s been may 1st for almost 16 hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s May 1st for me :slight_smile:

Did GUS say what time and time zone on may 1st they will announce?

Well. its just after midnight at GHI headquarters in Michigan.

They are probably all asleep. I imagine they will casually stroll into work in 8 hours or so and then think about telling us the news :slight_smile: Meanwhile it will be May 2 here.

Not sleeping… lol


There you are!

BTW, how long has that “Sale” tab been on the main “Catalog” page? Have I just never seen it before?

No fireworks?