It's Friday

Weeeee it’s Friday - Module building day :slight_smile:

Mr UPS arrived < 12hrs from Belgium with teeny weeny parts…
Mr DHL arrived < 42hrs from Shanghai with Gucci Black PCB’s
Mr Royal Mail 48hrs and still waiting < 30 miles - BOOOOO

Like British Rail - We wont get you there on time, but we will get you there :frowning:

O well, there is always next Friday…

That sucks, what the heck am I going to do about my module addiction now? I might have to break out those modules I got from Columbia yesterday :slight_smile:

Buy a phone and play with that in the mean time…How did you get them past the DEA - or did they not come via Tijuana :wink:

The pic is a bit blurry, are those Buzzard modules on the right?


Something like that :smiley:

A bit OT … what are the chances you put up a video showing how you solder those SMT chips?

@ mhectorgato - Can do, how small do you want to go?

One of those boards has a SC-70 package on it…small enough for you?

Whatever you choose is fine.

In my minor “off-road” hardware trekking, i.e. non-Gadgeteer & non-shields, SMTs have been intimidating to a software guy.

They are actually much easier than you think…

Justin is right, its not as hard as you would think. On my last module i had an 0402 resistor and capacitor. The hardest part of soldering them was placing them with tweezers. I dodnt need to worry about the exact line up as when the hot air gun melts the solder paste the surface tension of the liquid solder straightens everything up like magic.

How do you get the solder paste on there?

I’m planning on using protoboards to do some testing before I would make a custom PCB.

@ mhectorgato - Needle/syringe or a stencil - stencil is much better…


Thanks for the info!

Stencil is awesome - but $$. If you’re doing a one-off run, and not a module mogul like Justin, then syringe with a fine tip needle is fine. Heck, I’ve even seen people spread it out with a toothpick. It really is reasonably forgiving.

@ Brett - £15 delivered for A4 all you can eat, so i get half a dozen modules at least…
Much easier :wink:

PCB-Pool offers a free solder stencil w/ order.

Don’t ask me what I think of their work yet though; boards are due to arrive Tuesday

You must have found a better deal on their site than I just saw… For a quantity of 50 boards with the same options that I just bought from DFRobot, it was going to cost 6 times more from PCB-Pool plus I never could figure out how to qualify for the free stencil. That was going to be another $59. Also, I don’t see any color options.

@ mhectorgato - sorry forgot to make a cinematic masterpiece…but here is that little SC70 package i was talking about next to a G socket…

Done with coffee corrected tweezers, hot air and solder paste way past it’s use by date - read old and crusty :slight_smile:

*Edit…cant seem to upload pickies…server error…

image upload works but not to this post!!!

So im not totally crackers then :smiley:

*Edit - the fluff is out of the clack valve - chocks away !