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It's amazing what you can fit in 64k



I like the video but I think you picked the wrong one? 64K?


That’s what it says in the YouTube info. It won a 64kintro competition.

(BTW it’s 64k binary size not ram)

I remember seeing quite impressive things done on the Amiga 4k intros way back when.




Ahhh that takes me back to the old Amiga days. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Give these guys a Gadgeteer kit and they could likely build a fully functional, accurate and animated global weather simulator. Its unbelievable that video/music is only 64k for binary and data, tip of the hat to them as that is impressive.


@ HughB - remember “geos” on C-64? GUI in 64kb :smiley:


often reading about the 64k competition but never saw the intro before.
fantastic whats possible