It's alive



Nice! Show the back side.

@ Justin - Nice work!

Particularly like the placement of the LEDs. :slight_smile:

oops…forgot that one…

Thanks - yeah i thought it would be a laugh to put them there :smiley:

Sign me up for one.


I must say I wasn’t expecting any community mainboards. Nice surprise. Will you be selling just the board or will it come with the G120 attached?

Dunno - this is just me playing at the moment :smiley:
Still very much a work in progress - needs to migrate to 4 layers etc…
I’m sure Gus will be offering a G120 mainboard that will be better sooner rather than later :slight_smile:
Still if anyone wants one either bare or populated i’m more than happy to do so…

I believe there was a mentioning about “Spider II” based on G120 from GHI before

@ Architect - yup, it will be a bit bigger and have another 4 sockets at a guess
The Scorpion is a bit smaller - same size as a Cerb

Any plans of making a GHI/Mountaineer hybrid — a GHI module based mainboard with USB and/or DC power input on board?

@ Justin - Congratulations! That is awesome.

Can’t see why we can’t come up with a commnity inspired design…

@ taylorza - cheers fella.

Love the location of the led. Great board!

Wow, what else can I say about this as your rocking your game past the next level.

I noticed another LED on the tail as we’ll :slight_smile:
Congratulations buddy.


any idea when the store will be open? I’m looking to get some of the 7 segment displays. and whatever else you might offer. :slight_smile:


@ mikef - It’s really the lessor of two evils at the moment…Having too much fun creating hardware to get the store finished but i do need to get some $$ in the door to keep playing :smiley:

I will start focusing on the site but if you cant wait you can always email me…