Its a sign - Gadgeteer Play Day Today

Today I got packages from both SolderMonkey ( ) and Gadgeteer Modules ( ) so that has to be a sign that its a Gadgeteer Play Day and I can stop boring real work and start experimenting with these cool modules.


Which modules did you get?

I got a tripleslider and encoder from soldermonkey, and all 3 of Errol’s modules. Got a project set up with the former but haven’t yet had time to play with the latter.

Need more hours in a day…

I’ve had a couple of orders from SolderMonkey, this order was for an OctoSlide and a Slide. I previously ordered a LittleStep Module , Triple Slide, couple of RotaryEncoder Module and a AnologMux and I’m looking forward to getting some of their upcoming modules too (EEPROM Module for example), From Gadgeteer Modules I picked up a CapTouch Module and a MegaMoto.