It’s Thursday ®


You seriously have WAY TOO MUCH time on our hands Justin.


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Nothing much else to do in grey old England at lunchtime… ::slight_smile:

I think we might soon need a separate forum just for @ Justin’s tease videos… :whistle:

I am wondering how aggressively he will defend his registered trademark of “It’s Thursday”.

I use that one or twice a week.

Make it serve tea, since your in England :slight_smile:

@ Justin - Allo, Allo. It is me, Le Clerk … zee Germans are here …

Nice! Take my money!

@ PiWi - It is I, Leclerc!73601&authkey=!ADcI2kk3mmPLHd0&ithint=video%2Cmp4

En hier was ik te denken dat je Nederlanders waren :smiley:

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@ Justin - Lol :smiley:

Chur bro

@ Justin - Even after all these years it still brings back tears of joy