It may not be a Meadow Mini

… but it runs NETMF 4.4 or TinyCLR OS

  • Adafruit Feather compatible
  • STM32F412CGU6 with 1mb flash and 256kb ram
  • 16MB external SPI flash
  • On board ESP32-PICO-D4 WiFi and BLE
  • Lipo charger



Where do I buy?!

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remember, he;s the fake news guru ! :slight_smile:

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So, there’s a very limited number of STM32F411-based v1.0 boards built. We’re spinning up production on the final STM32F412 versions (twice the flash and twice the RAM and some minor engineering changes). Our store will also be selling a collection of compatible Adafruit feather wings, like Lora radios, sensors and other goodies.

We’re still probably four weeks away from shipping, but I’ll open up the store in two weeks for pre-orders of the board and Adafruit accessories.

More Sagitta hardware coming soon.



Looks great! How about nanoFramework?

nanoFramework should work fine - we just haven’t done it yet so I didn’t want to make claims. However, now that I think about it, since there is an STM32F412 and an ESP32 on there, theoretically, you could run nanoF on both the 412 and ESP32 and have a dual-processor nanoFramwork board.


how cool would that be :slight_smile:

Your feather board looks killer!!

Adafruit wants to hear about it.

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Actually, we’ve already been in touch with them. Our soon-to-open store will stock Adafruit wings and we are working with Adafruit to get our board into their store as well. That will require some scaling up of production. We need to be able to meet their order volume. Though, bottom line, we’ve been in regular contact with Adafruit on the design.


I am so glad you guys settled on the feather form factor. I love it and can’t wait to see what you are going to be presenting to us IOT freaks.

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