Issues Sampling Lower Voltage than 3.3 V

I have some signals I want to sample which are 1.8 voltage.
is there any way to define the threshold of the digital input?
or does this require a HW rework?

  • will the G400 help in this case? quicker Analog to digital performance?

Are you trying to measure them as digital inputs or as analog inputs?

If Analog, you don’t have a problem, you’ll just have reduced range of values.

If Digital, then the answer is you need to level shift them to have it work properly. Depending on what the device is it might be possible with just a pull-up to 3v3, or you may need an actual level shifting chip or transistor based circuit. What is the device you’re talking about ?

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I am using Spider and the extenders
I’m speaking about the digital since the analog signals do not give me the performance I want