Issues installing 64 bit USB drivers

I have both a Panda and a Domino board which work on a 32 bit Windows Vista machine.

Neither board is recognised properly in a 64 bit Win 7 machine, I’ve installed the 64 bit drivers beforehand but I keep getting ‘Unknown Device’ in Device Manager.

It takes quite a few plug-ins / resets to get the device to show. It works once detected, but getting it to that point is an issue.

Now I know this next bit will freak you, it’s running in Windows 7 in a VirtualBox VM on a Mac. You might just say ‘that’s the problem’ but I’m wondering whether it is a possible 64 bit issue. Other USB devices are fine and so are these, once in a while.

Thanks in advance


I am running the 64 bit driver on Win 7 64, no problems.

However, I know that if you are running virtualization on a Mac, you have to do a couple of things.

  1. Make sure your virtual instance has exclusive access to the USB port.
  2. You are not using a USB Hub as your exlusive port.

The issue is that the native ports get sniffed by the Mac OS first, then the windows OS. This 2nd sniff messes up the detection.
I had this issue with a USB welding Arm that I had to install in a prototyping station.

I finally just dual booted the mac as a windows box, and the problem went away.

Yep, I’ve resorted to borrowing a laptop. Macs look lovely , but they are not up to development this close to the h/w.