Issues getting FEZ board to update to V1.00

I’ve got 2 new FEZ boards that I’m trying to get to update to v1.00. They were previously flashed to 0.11 with no problems. The Fez V2.04 Bootloader is reported when I use V 1.00 of the CLR config program when I click the loader tab (Com4). When I click run, it says that the firmware is corrupt. Right. I pressed erase in the loader tab, and it looks like it has successfully erased the firmware, because when I click run, it says no firmware.

OK, to load the firmware. Using teraterm, with the board in Bootloader mode (Btn1 down, reset, release btn1), I connect to Com4, V reports the bootloader 2.0.4, and when I go up upload the GLB file for the Fez, using xmodem 1k, the transfer just hangs and never sends the file.

I have also reloaded the 2.0.4 bootloader using the STI dfu program, no change.

So I have one board with no firmware, the other one has 0.11 on it, but it will not update using CLRConfig, after rebooting, it hangs on “Starting Upload”.

Any ideas?


Just to make sure, have you tried to upload the firmware using TinyCLR Config, not just erasing?

For the FEZ board that has a working copy of 0.11 on it (and is recognized properly in CLR config), when I click “Update Firmware”, it does the following:
“Checking for Update”,
“Starting Upload” (Interface goes grey)…

And nothing happens from this point forward…

This seems to be similar to the teraterm option, where the xmoden upload dialog just hangs at uploading…


And I get the windows chimes when it reboots , so that part seems fine…

And Com4 shows up in device manager after the reboot, not Fez, as expected.

And this board, at 0.11, successfully runs the Hello World ap in your documentation as well.

And changing the USB cable and using a different USB connection resulted in Config getting to “File Uploading 6%” before it hung up.

And now the second board has corrupt firmware on it.

I don’t know John - using a third USB cable made all the problems go away, it uploaded to both boards just fine.

Hard to say exactly at this point then, but we’re happy to hear that you got it working now.

One of the things I have found is that many USB cables are made with really cheap thin cable and it can’t handle the current and you get a significant voltage drop at the target device. Using one of those USB current monitors you can see the current and voltage. With a cheap cable and a Fez Cobra I was seeing 4.1 volts at the Fez board but the USB monitor was showing 5.1 volts. Changing to a far better cable saw the voltage at the Fez jump back up to 5.0 volts.

All USB cables are not equal. :slight_smile: