Issue with plugging camera and usbhost into fezspider

I have a FEZ Spider board
I want to use both camera and usbhost modules in a single project . but the issue is that they can only be plugged into serial port 3 ! so I can’t use them both in a single project .
I wonder If there is any way I can use these two modules in a single project .

thx in advance

Socket 3 is not serial socket ( U) . It is a H socket, which is for USB host.

You can attach the USB host module and then plug a USB hub into it. You can then attach multiple USB client devices to hub.

You will not be able to use the Gadgeteer designer. You will have to get the Gadgeteer source, and see how the USB host and USB camera work, and then cut and paste code to support both.

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@ Mike -

If socket 3 is a H Socket then how can I connect the camera to that using the USB-Seraial Module ? in this link :
the module is represented and in specifications tab It’s mentioned that only U or K socket types could be converted ! but socket 3 is a H socket type !

@ andre.m -

Hi ! Since Mike said that I should use a USB Hub and connect camera to that I thought of a module to connect the camera to the USB Hub ! I thought that the USB-Serial module can connect any usb to any serial port and I did not know what you mentioned . thanks for that .

do u know anyway that I can use both USB host and camera modules in one project ?

@ andre.m -

I have the following camera module :

which is a serial one and It could only be plugged into port 3 and not the ports u mentioned .