Issue with Ethernet module when running app not in compile mode

Hi , I have developed a gadgeteer app running on fez spider
I have used an Ethernet module by wich I connect the fez board to my laptop
in my ProgramStarted() function I use an InitEthernet function as follows :

        public void ProgramStarted()

and here is the InitEthernet() function :

       private void InitEthernet()
                if (!ethernet.Interface.IsOpen)
                ethernet.Interface.NetworkInterface.EnableStaticIP("", "", "");
            catch { }

now here is my issue :

I do the following steps :

1- Plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet module
2- connect the usb client to my laptop
3- I compile the application using visualstudio

in this scenario the application compiles and I can see everything on my lcd


when I do the following scenario the application does not compile and nothing appears on the LCD Module :

1- Plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet module
2- connect the usb client to my laptop

in the second scenarion I want to run the application without compiling It using Visual studio ! because I have programmed the board following the first scenario the last time but Its not possible !

to solve the issue in the second scenario I tried the following :

1- Unplugged the Ethernet cable from Ethernet module
2- connected the usb client to my laptop

in this third scenario the program runs on fez board and all the GUI I have applied appears on the LCD Module ! and after It appears I plug in the Ethernet cable and the connection to my laptop starts and I can ping the device !

So as far as I can guess there must be something wrong with the Ethernet module . I wonder what this issue is that if the Ethernet cable is plugged into the Ethernet module the program can’t run on the board without being compiled from visual studio !

any helps would be appreciated .

@ andre.m -

You got It wrong !

I want the app run correctly when I power It up and without attaching the VS !