Is Wiznet Sill supported?


The W5100 wad tested few days ago but we like to use the new w5500.

I think I messed up that question.

Is wiznet supported on the now depreciated Cerb family?

It is just a spi device. Any of port devices can support it.

And the driver will work (the one that GHI wrote)?

The driver is all C# but we have something cooking that I can’t talk about :slight_smile:

Wiz5100 was only ever supported on USBizi chips in 4.1 days, wasn’t it ? All secret things aside, there wasn’t a supported path for 4.2/4.3 on Cerb family was there ?

No, supported on everything :slight_smile:

link to code please ?

Before I dive into Wiznet Again, quick question. Is Wiznet a reliable way to transmit data? I.e. let’s say a packet arrives on Wiznet, it sits then until the µC retrieves it? Does the µC the instruct Wiznet to delete it?

I can’t find the wiznet namespace in the current NETMF.

its not there. Gus needs to give us teh link :slight_smile: .

Correct. We are undecided yet on how we are going to share this.

To your second question: is Wiznet a reliable way to transmit data
Yes. Transmit and receive are good - but awfully slow. Packets arrive at the W5100 and the host must check how many bytes are there and then read them one byte at a time. Same with transmit: one byte at a time to the W5100 and then the command to send packet.
You definitely want to wait for the W5500, it allows transferring many bytes of data at once with one spi call, so it has much less overhead (i.e. is much faster). The C (not C#) source code is on the site, so you can look at it to see what is happening.

@ Lurch - correct. The new chip is faster and cheaper :slight_smile: how awesome is that? … Now we just need the c# drivers.

Ok so what’s the word on that driver? I can’t hold out for the newer one, I need the w5100 today; now if possible. I’ll have to start writing one in a few hours if I can’t get back the old one.

Im guessing Gus will say “Soon”

@ mtylerjr - and soon will be November; I am so screwed.

You can certainly write the driver yourself. You do not need to wait.

I just can’t figure out this wiznet documentation. What byte values do I need to send via SPI to write to a register?