Is Tutorial 'Networking Interfaces Wifi' still up to date for TinyCLR v2.1.0 Preview 4?

I’m working with the FEZ Feather WiFi and follow the tutorial:

I find the command:
var networkController = NetworkController.FromName

but it seems that the namespace ‘GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.NativeApis’ doesn’t exist.

The initialization seems to work despite this but I wonder if the tutorial should be adapted.

Thanks Check network tutorial · Issue #535 · ghi-electronics/Documentation · GitHub


There is no issue there. that is not a namespace. That is a string name of the internal native api driver.

Ah, now I understand, kind of magic :sunglasses: Thanks.

we will change the string to use the pin library, which is the proper way.

O.K., nice if one can know what she/he is doing.
However, I’ll not forget to tell the important story:
As far as I can say: The WiFi module is running reliable. Until now no hangs or crashes.
Also tried now the low SystemClock option: Cool!

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That is great to hear.