Is this possible? I just want to make sure t's possible before continuing

Using a PC connected to a FEZ Panda II via a FTDI FT232RL USB to Serial adapter module USB To RS232.

Can I plug the Panda into the PC and write an XML formatted file to the Panda’s memory.

I will then read the file from memory and do stuff with the information in the file.


I don’t think that you can write directly into the memory. One exception might be some DMA routine, but I don’t know if Panda has DMA. Anyway this would have to be set up in RLP I think.

One possible solution would be a managed thread (have alook at Thread class) which listens to the port on Panda. Then you can wrie the data into memory and use it immediately.

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Another method I was thinking about was making the FEZ a USB client with an SD card attached. Basically make it act just like a thumb drive. The PC then would see it as a USB device and write to it like any other USB thumb drive. Is this a possible solution?

Thanks for the response.

I read in an other thread that this is not possible. At least you get major inconsistance problems because windows and Panda think they are the only ones to access the SD card. You can never be sure when exactly Windows writes the Data to a drive. Newer OS should disable caching for USB drives to avoid data loss on unplug, but I would not rely on this.
If you would use a Ethernet connection you could use FTP to do so. But this is basically the same solution as I mentioned above: A background thread that waits for data over some interface and writes the data to memory or SD card.

Yes this is possible (on premium offers) but you have to switch between who accesses the SD card. You can switch almost any time and many times but you can’t have both accessing the SD card in on e instance.

Can you elaborate on “premium offers”? I have money to spend on this project so that is not the limiting factor.


See this please

Is this a solution to this problem?
FEZ Cerbuino Bee connected to Ethernet ENC28 Module.
And the code listed here:

Specifically the code listed in section 6, either UDP or TCP?

It looks like I can have two way communication over ethernet.

Am I missing something?

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Yes you can communicate with a PC using networking, using cerbuino bee and ENC28.

The book is a bit outdated but it 90% applies to what you are trying to do.


Thanks for the help so far. I have the LEDs controlled serially now using the 74HC595 chip and a FEZ.

Now I am going to focus on the Network control part. I still need to buy some hardware for the network portion of the project.

You wrote: The book is a bit outdated but it 90% applies to what you are trying to do.

Can you point me to the most up to date documentation?

Thanks, Keith

I’d just look at code samples on Codeshare…