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Is this a good deal? (Cheap Ethernet Shield)


Saw this over at CuteDIgi - significant discount on a W5100 shield.

Is this a good deal or not? Will it work on Panda/Domino?


That does look like a good deal! Even the DFR ones that are available here are $35 over at the manufacturer.

I was just thinking i needed a second ethernet shield today (and the first one hasn’t even arrived yet!)

This will work with the panda/domino.

It looks like a new version of the shield has been released, which is why i’m guessing they are selling them off cheap!


Well yeah, that was the unspoken question.

If they played around with the shield design to work in tandem with some change they made in the Uno they just released, that would make sense, but from what I know of low-level network driving (which admittedly, isn’t much) - isn’t the only real issue the chip, and buffering?

So my thought was that it’s the right chipset, and I don’t care that much about having lots of buffering.


The only thing that has changed in the new version from the looks of it is the change from full size SD card slot to microsd… other than that… the same. The Uno was the same deal, they upgraded the processor to one with more ram/flash and thats about it really. A big deal over nothing.


That is a good deal on the shield. It should work fine on FEZ Domino and FEZ Panda.

The SD card is pointless on FEZ sine FEZ uses a real 4-bit SD interface instead of SPI interface.


If it’s good enough for Gus, it’s good enough for me.

I’ve placed my order now - so everyone can go get as many as you want!


When you receive it and try it, can you please let the community know if all was tested well please?


Absolutely, very prepared to test it (I’ll need that Panda Tinkerer Kit, of course :wink: )

I was wondering whether this forum (or some other forum) had a specific place where non-GHI products could have test/evaluation results posted. I’m new to the whole microcontroller field and the proliferation of addons that ‘should’ work fine on the GHI platforms seems so huge, I guess I’m in denial (or cynicism) that everything WILL work.

Take this shield, for example. Knowing that the key difference is in the SD card, which becomes irrelevant on the GHI platform because of the superior SD interfacing on the Domino is really valuable information. I realize that it’s hard to write an Underwriter’s Laboratory-grade, objective review, but I think it’d be immensely valuable to people like myself who really want to conduct a pros-and-cons comparison.

The GHI hardware comparison chart is probably the most valuable single page on, and I’d certainly be prepared to help (to the limit of my ability) to maintain things like ‘Ethernet Shield Comparisons’


There are tons and tons of devices out there. It would be very difficult to make a monster size chart of everything.

If you have something in mind and want to post, then you can create a wiki page for it if you like.

We do not mind you talking about other products on our forums or wiki. Feel free to use it anyway you like.


I have one of those. It works perfectly fine.


Mine got shipped out today, so i should have both DFR and Arduino ethernet shields by the end of the week :slight_smile: I’ll let you know if i find any differences


Just an FYI - Mine arrived today, i’ll compare it to the DFRobots one within a week.


My good friend gave me this Arduino Ethernet Shield recently.

This version support both Arduino and Mega, and they use the SPI on the ICSP, which have the same location. And they didn’t have the trace to pin D11, D12, and D13.

I stacked it up on my Panda, but to make it works, I had to cut out the ICSP connector and soldered the SPI pin back to where it belong, as shown in the picture.

Note: I just noticed it later that the wire color happened to be coincidented with the color of Italian flag, where the board is made! :smiley:

And, it works great, I have no problem with it at all.


Interesting, you must have a diffident rev than I…

Look ma, no ICSP!


sıɹɥɔ, (it’s easier to cut and paste, than type “upside down chris”

This is the one I have


Yep, that’s a new HW rev. They populated the uSD, for one. Wonder what other changes they made…

Also, for some reason they went to a new manufacturer of reset switch. Not sure what’s up with that.


From the document, the ICSP (to make one shield compatible with both Arduino and Mega) and the reset button are the two revisions that they made.

I think, they changed the reset button to be flatter so you can press the reset button a little easier when you have other shield stack up on top of the shield, some kind of design issue, I guess!


Hi Sam,

I just got the same Arduino Ethernet shield as you… as I am completely new to all of this stuff I would have never figured the need (anytime in my inevitable months / years of learning) to map the ICSP pins to D11-12-13 - so thank you very much for your post and the accompanying picture!

Perhaps you could clarify that it is the “North Eastern” 3 most pins (oriented to the map of Italy) that need to be soldered to the digital pins. Also - why have you bent out A0 and A1 - Do I need to do this too? As this new ethernet shield has apprently solved the reset problem do I still need to connect the reset signal to one of the digital pins?

You help would be greatly appreciated - cheers.



Here is the sketch of the connection of the SPI pins.

You do not need to bend those two pins.
I did that because I had another shield that was on top of Ethernet shield that need to connected to something else.

That’s corrected! No need to connect the reset pin.

Hope this help :wink:


Thanks very much Sam. I’ll give it a go tonight.