Is there anybody using Toradex T30 here around?

I need some comfort…
I need a Win CE 7 (or 6) little and affordable board and I was interested in Toradex products. I decided to try a Colibri T30 + Iris eval board. No LCD for the moment.
I’m very disappointed at first look:

  • Win ce (7) is not stable at all and crash on it’s own.
  • The Tegra3 chip is free in the air with no heatsink !?! This cpu is going to be a solder oven very soon.
  • Development tools and sdk are very poor and confusing. It’s needs VS2008 (this is a MS limitation really)
  • They haven’t a forum or something like that to ask question or clarification …
  • Very poor video quality output though a DVI to VGA converter that is mandatory.
  • Using VS2008 C++ with their sdk have some problem to deploy …

I was a bit stupid because i bought a T30 instead of T20 that probably is more mature board. The T30 is new and probably they have only beta unstable software and images.

Ok I solved some issue about that. Frankly the board is in beta (but seems more an alpha) but It’s incerdibily fast… from power to win ce in 0.5 sec … amazing.
I would make some video about the display rendering speed.

I used .Net Compact Framework 3.5 with VS2008 and finally I got something working. The info are really poor and still remain VGA out problems. I could make code to collect and send data to 3 Cobra ii board + a custom stm32 board throughout ethernet.