Is there a way to store small amounts of data on board iteself?

Hey all,

I am developing an application that I would like to be able to save some simple details, potentially some usernames / passwords that would be stored and used to verify logins when someone tries to access the device using a serial connection from a WPF desktop application I also am developing.

I would prefer to not use a SD card module if at all possible, because I am talking about pretty small amounts of data - I do not need to continually store results or anything, only add new user information periodically.

I don’t know if this is even possible, but was just curious if there was some way of doing this.


@ rnafisi - EEPROM is an option. I know that this module is discontinued, but if you can find one somewhere it would work for you.


That is exactly what I am looking for! It’s a shame it is discontinued though… I was not able to find it posted for sale anywhere. Are there any possible alternatives or am I going to have to consider using an SD card (which would be overkill)?

@ rnafisi - EWR is an option, although there can be some issues between firmware updates.

What device are you using?

ExtendedWeakReference can be used to store a small amount of data. The existence and amount varies between mainboards.

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@ ianlee74 - “the early bird gets the worm”

FEZ Spider, and yeah I just opened a few things in regard to this and saw someone mention the possibility of EWR. It is a bit confusing to me though - is the data that is stored with it there reliably? If you could just give me a super quick breakdown of what EWR does exactly I would greatly appreciate it!


@ Mike - for some reason I was thinking EWR was a Gadgeteer SDK thing, thanks for that.

@ rnafisi - Another option is battery backed RAM. The FEZ Spider is based on the EMX SoM, see chapter 8 in the EMX manual

The schematic for the FEZ Spider shows that the VBAT power pin is available.

There are a number of options for wiring a power supply (battery) to the socket’s pin. In our catalog: G-Plug, Breakout Module, BreadBoard X1. The BreadBoard is useful for prototyping custom addtions.