Is there a way to read firmware version at runtime?

I can’t find anything. There’s GHI.Processor.DeviceType enumeration, but nothing for firmware version. Here’s a situation:
[ul]I implemented IFU over Ethernet;
A user wants to update the application.
Every application is targeted against a specific firmware. How to know if it is safe to upload a new application?[/ul]

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@ Simon from Vilnius - Is it this you are looking for?

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That’s it! Thanks.

I don’t know if this is just my computer, but I can’t see anything in @RobvanSchelvan post anymore. Can someone reiterate how to pull the firmware version?

8 years later, with netmf dead and buried, do you still want this for netmf??

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Oh haha, wrong topic, sorry! I meant the SIT Core firmware…I’ll create a new topic