Is there a way to measure the operating core temperature on the EMX

We have device that are deployed in the field that have been failing. I am suspecting that it could be temperature related.

Is there an API function that i can call to get the operating temperature of the device


If there is no API call, you might check the CPU data sheet if there is a sensor integrated.
If yes, then you should be able to read it from the registers directly.
There are API calls for reading and writing CPU registers.

I have quickly check on the user manual and the datasheet but did not find anything related to a temperature sensor on the EMX…

Usually if the EMX gets hot it resets, so maybe there is a way that the firmware does this…

If you what power you are consuming (permanent / peak) during operation you have to use the lpc2478 datasheet chapter 9 data and formulas to check if you need cooling / heatsink.