Is there a way of renaming the SD card after formatting?

I used the following code to format my SD card if it has not been formatted already. After being formatted, the sdvolumeinfo.Format(“FAT”, 0) command names the card “MFDISK”. Is there a way of changing that name to something else? I’ve looked through Microsoft.SPOT.IO documentation without success.

public SDLogger()
                // try to access the microSD
                sdPS = new PersistentStorage("SD");
                // Format the media if it was not.
                VolumeInfo sdvolumeinfo = new VolumeInfo("SD");
                if (!sdvolumeinfo.IsFormatted)
                    Debug.Print("Formatting SDCARD...");
                    sdvolumeinfo.Format("FAT", 0);  
                sdvolumeinfo = null;
                Debug.Print("Card is formatted!");

                // if failed, assume no card in slot
                cardLoaded = false;

Is there an equivalent to the DriveInfo class that would enable a rename of an SD Card after having it formatted by the EMX module?

Here is the class:

So far, i still am searching for a way to rename a freshly formatted SD Card.