Is there a Piezo on Cobra II WiFi?

I see that there is Piezo on the original Cobra (, but I see nothing on the Cobra II (

Am I missing something simple, or is it just simply not there?
If it’s not included is there a Gadgeteer module that can do the job?

I tried running:

Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Utility.Piezo(1000, 1000);

but heard nothing.

No onboard buzzer, have a look at the tunes module.

But the Tunes module would not work with the standard Utilities.Piezo method, correct?

Correct, it uses a PWM driver

The product page for the Tunes module shows that it is a Socket P. Cobra II WiFi doesn’t have a Socket P. Would it still work? Where would I insert this module?

You can use cobra extender our simply wire any PWM pin from cobra to pin 3 on tunes.

Sorry, I am a bit out of my depth. Do you mean that I need to wire up any pin on one of the gadgeteer ports on the G120 to pin 3 of the gadgeteer port on the Tunes module?

you can find PWM locations on the header via the schematic: we have an introduction to PWM in our docs . You can see how the tunes driver uses PWM from its source code: Although not exactly what you want this document, because it talks about Gadgeteer drivers, might provide some additional guidance: