Is the Task Tracker still alive?

Just wondering. There seem to be a large number of entries languishing in the “Proposed” pile.

Yes it is there, live and functional.

How often are you iterating over the issues, and deciding to work one some of them?

There is no set schedule. This list is part of of other lists we have internally and we try to finish them by importance and the level of commercial need.

Well then give us some feedback! Either accept or reject them. Now it truly looks nobody cares about it at GHI.

@ Simon from Vilnius - good point, sorry we will get to it soon.

Related, but off topic… the document feedback comments are treated similarly to task list. They are reviewed! Some are dealt with immediately & some are queued,

Yep, I knew they went on the list, I may have been adding to that :slight_smile:

@ Brett - your entries have all been very constructive. Thanks!

@ Jeff, when I used to do support work we would have statuses like “Analyzed, On Hold, Estimated”. These served to tell people that the issue has been looked at, will not be worked on right away, or has been estimated out and is expected to be worked on right away (or near future). There was a entire workflow around it which included statues like “Reopen, and Verified” which said that if the issue was not “Fixed” the client could “ReOpen” it until it was “Verified”. Only then could we close it.

Cool, some movement!