Is the hardware G400 I2C working yet?

I am trying to test a G400 beta module and I am not getting any response from the I2C bus.

I am trying to use the hardware I2C. As I am porting ChipworkX code I would prefer not to have to rewrite this with a software I2C, which I believe is slower?

The exact same board works with the ChipworkX module installed so I know the wiring is all correct.

@ Dave McLaughlin -, it works

I can only seem to download

When will be available?

Ah. I used the version that was linked on the website.

Just trying the version from the R2 release now.

On this page there is a firmware download link.

Gives this file to download, which is what I used

With testing, I am not getting consistent results as I do with the ChipworkX module.

I am getting a lot of failures with the exact same code.

I am running it at 400Khz.

@ Dave McLaughlin - The G400 Developers’ guide instructions for firmware are truly a mess. While I’m working on that, you can use the two links to documents that have the correct information. The one for TinyCLR is just barebones and will get cleaned up and enhanced shortly.



all the documentation on firmware updates, etc. is under major re-work. So if you have any issues please send me an email jeff.knaggs at ghielectronics (no reason to clutter this thread)


it should work fine even it is still beta

Yes, I updated to last night. Still the same issue. I need to try and hook up the logic analyser next week and see if I can detect what the issue is.