Is the "Bitmaps. ConvertToFile Method (Bitmap)" fixed in GHI SDK 2016 R1 Pre-Releases?

in former SDKs there was this bug

I still get an exception with the following code:

var document = GHI.Utilities.Bitmaps.ConvertToFile(serialCameraL1.GetImage());

this code instead works:

var doc = serialCameraL1.GetImage();

@ RoSchmi - The bitmap bugs in the 2014 R5 SDK were all fixed in 2015 R1. Can you post a complete and minimal program that shows the issue?

@ John - thanks for your answer. I’ll look if I did something wrong and will let know.

@ John - Yes, I can confirm that the function works.
Only for higher Bitmap resolutions like VGA (640x480) on the Spider Mainboard it throws an System.OutOfMemoryException.
I don’t know if this is expected due to limited resources of the Mainboard or limited size of byte arrays in NETMF.