Is that OC at ARMTechCon?

I have nothing else to say about it. :wink:

Orientation is right!

Post more pictures from the conference please. ;D

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Yeah, but it’s cropped way too tight. Need a wide-angle view. :wink:

He was still under impression (and zoom setting) of that tasty burger :smiley:

BTW, Is that ARM provided food?

@ Gary - The burgers served in North Korean prisons look better then that, are you really sure you want to eat that???

You guys are starting to worry me because that’s not a burger!

Right. It is an armwitch.

[quote=“Gary”]You guys are starting to worry me because that’s not a burger![/quote]No doubt we would all agree on that, we are just not sure if its food at all.

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The view

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@ Gary - You won!

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@ Architect - much better food than I have experienced today.

Come on over! We have enough! :slight_smile:

@ Gary - That is chicken, correct?

@ Architect - you might regret that, I can eat…lol

@ Mike - a piece of chicken about half the size of the bun.

Eating a happier chicken makes a happier person!

Funny that is what they call it in North Korean prisons too. Just smile, put it down and back away slowly and quietly, when they blink turn and run away as fast as you can (might want to toss in the odd zig and zag as well).