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Is site in good health?


I am not seeing unread count on my iPad and have had login issues. Is something going on?


It is that time were we remake the website to the next rev but no problems that we are aware of.


Site is loading slow and also when I logged it, it froze, but when I reloaded I was in.

Also no "Unread"s since last login showing up.

Anyways, cool looking site!

Mike in MN


I’m seeing new background, but no ‘New’ markers against postings - which, given the number of postings we get, and the number of topics that are active, is a bit of a problem.

This is the case with Opera 10.63 and with IE 8.0.7600


Site is under construction. It will look good when it’s done, trust me ;D


Chris. Did you get a link to the secret forum?


I think I know the root cause. I will address it tomorrow morning first thing.


I am seeing the same problems that others have reported.

  1. when I loggin, I get a an HTTP 500 error. If I go back to the login screen and select forum, it acts as if I am logged in.
  2. No “New” markers
  3. No button for new posts
  4. My total experience doesnot add up correctly. My total experience is 654, my EXP is 190 and my EXP Bonus is 788.
    On the plus side I also like the new background.


Experience isnt calculating… But the new post indicators are fixed in the dev version.


Lol I see all above problems and this:

why are the user-names of hero’s shown mirrored?


I’m getting constant freezes … I have to load the site twice to have it load properly. I do not see “View Unread”, etc.

Site is definitely very sick.



There seems to be something strange with the experience points a well.
I had 500 points to the next rank before the Halloween contest was final. I got my added experiance but it seem to have failed to add to my rank?


There was an issue with updating user ranks which could also make logging in issues. These issues are being addressed and you should find that things smoothing out now. From this point fourth please refer to this topic: