Is Quad-SPI available?

Just a question, not a request : is there any Quad-Spi support in current firmware ?

Only through external flash External Memory

Ok. Thank you !

You can use StorageController to write / read the sector, but don’t enable external flash feature.

It was more a question for “external device” use. What I understand from Gus’ message is that Quad-Spi is used internally only, for the onboard (on SOM) Flash.

There is no way to drive an external SPI device using Quad-SPI. Or even Dual-Spi.

Edit : but this is not a complain. It’s just that I wanted to know.

Do you have an example device that you need to drive?

I was thinking at Flash memory chips, mainly.

I was thinking at this because I have reviewed our board’s design again… And since I have increased the onboard Flash capacity, I thought it would be coherent to allow faster transfers for potentially bigger data sets.
But, since the lines used by the chip for Quad-Spi are those used for WriteProtect or Hold, I just have to leave them “floating” on the PCB and set them high/low in the driver when I need to use the memory.
And since there are no pullup resistors, those lines will be ready for Quad-Spi if it becomes available in the future.

So, you see, it’s not really an issue or a must-have need.

may i use it for sqlite db and operation read write on that db as config file because i can it easy manage it to store info on it

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