Is Parallel SPI a possiblity

I am having problems with getting data back from my stepper drivers in series mode. I’m pretty sure the data is corrupted somehow. Can endpoint use multiple output and input pins like in 4 wire spi?

In general SPI is 4-wire with MOSI and MISO for in and out but some custom devices might be on the one data line for both in and out. Not as common as MOSI and MISO based SPI.

Is your stepper driver able to run with MOSI and MISO?

Yes, it runs with MOSI and MISO. I want to know if I can have 4 of them on 4 different MOSI and MISOs

Yes, you can parallel up the MISO, MOSI and SCK. The EN for each puts the device into high impedance when not enabled.