Is MFUpdate supported by G120

Does the G120 SoM support the new MFUpdate Feature?
If yes, only Assembly update or Firmware as well?
Are there any samples?

What I want to acheive is an infield update where I transfer the files by Ethernet or on an USB Stick/SD Card.
We will usually not have an USB Connection.

It is premium so it should support the update feature when GHI includes it in the 4.2 release.

update will Be supported on the G120, but is not in the current release. I think it will be available some time in December.

We support in field update but not through mfupdate. This mfupdate is not supported by anyone yet so we do not recommender if fit comercial use yet.

Thanks for the quick answers. Any hint where to look at?
In 4.1 Premium library there is …System.SystemUpdate but I can’t see any similar in 4.2 !?

That is the last feature missing from 4.2 to be added very soon.