Is it possible to use SD card on Medusa boards?

Normal Arduino boards like the Uno that also uses the Atmega328P chip can interface to SD cards. But it seems the Gadgeteer SD card and mini SD card modules require a socket F and Medusa module do not have Socket F’s. Does this mean it is impossible to hook up an SD card to a Medusa main board?

Thanks Andre. Is the problem that the Atmega328P chip can not handle an SD card or is it just that the Medusa uses the required pins in other sockets? I am thinking that the pins are probably still there, it just needs a bit of rewiring to make it work.

I thought all SD cards use SPI anyway. The Arduino UNO use exactly the same Atmega328P micro as on the Medusa Mini, and on the UNO you can connect an SD card using the SPI pins and some general IO points… So it should be possible on the Medusa Mini as well. Just need to use the regular Arduino SD library as well.

.[quote]btw SD card - Wikipedia is a good page

Thanks. Yes, it contains useful info.

Ah yes, but the SD card module is just a empty holder wired to a Gadgeteer socket. I understand that you cannot plug it straight into the f socket. But what I meant is that you can probably use two breakout boards to rewire the pins of the S socket appropriately and then interface to the SD card module