Is it possible to run multiple threads in RLPLite?

Well, as the subject says, I’m wondering if multithreading supported in RLPLite (I’m using it on Hydra).
If it is supported, is there any code example for it?


threading is supported in RLP extensions, which is only available with the premium library.

the hydra uses the OSHW library, which does not support RLP extensions.

I see… well, I’ll have to deal with it.

Anyone knows if there’s a chance Hydra will get Premium RLP sometimes?

Hydra is open source. OSHW mainboards will never get premium libraries. Well, I should never say never, but the chances of getting hit by lightning are better.

BUT… because they are open source, there is nothing preventing anyone from writing what they need for functionality.

@ Stargazer - maybe you can tell us what you are trying to acheive, there might be a way around

A work around migh be to launch the RLP method from a new managed thread. Though that would only be helpful in limited situations.

It is supported, soft of. Just like in a bare metal system without NETMF. But real multi threading is NOT easy. You need a preemptive multi tasking OS.

But what you can do is to set up timers in RLPLite and hook into their interrupts. Then you can do some work in the inerrupt, on a regular basis.

Was looking in the RLPLite documentation for that. Can you hook interrupts in RLPLite?

You might have to do it the hard way, but you must be able to do it.

RPL Extentions just gave you a nice and easy macro to set all the registers. With RLPlite you have to do it yourself.