Is it possible to get 4kHz ADC sampling rate? How

Hello, I´m just new using GHI products (FEZ PANDA II), and i have the same question, whats the maximum sampling rate, for this, i´m trying to reach at least 1kHz sampling rate for 4 ADC channels (4kHz in order to use a MUX).
I already work with two channels at 200Hz, executing FFT and other stuff. In that project i work with the basic tutorial timer:
Timer MyTimer = new Timer(new TimerCallback(RunMe), null, 5000, 1);
but what happend if i want a period inferior to 1ms?

I don´t know the capacity of this boards, is it possible to achieve 4 ADC channels (sampling at 1kHz each), execute FFT algorithms, slope and mean calculations, and then give a output signal?

if it is, how should I implement the sampling routine?

Please do not post the same question multiple times.

You should be able to do this using an RLP, which lets you load native code (c/assembly) right into the system then call it from C#. Doing FFT in C# will be a bad idea.

If it was sampling only at 4Khz (but not a lot more) you may use a PWM pin to generate a 4KHz signal. Looping back with a wire this pin to an input interrupt pin, and do your stuff inside the interrupt handler.

However I think you will never have enough CPU time left for performing FFT - this definitly has to be done in RLP !

But I don’t think those boards are the most adapted for signal processing… Even if they can eventualy !

Thanks Gus and Nicolas.
I’m not familiar with the term RLP, what is it? where can I found an example?