Is it possible to add to program memory during runtime with the G30?

Hello all,

I am looking for a method of in-field extension of an app running on the G30. Is it possible to invoke the bootloader to load data from Data Memory into Program Memory and then execute the new codes without breaking the existing application?

I know you can do this with other MCUs but I’m new to netmf and TinyCLR. As I understand it when I flash my application using Visual Studio that code is coming in on top of GHIs firmware that comes preloaded. I want to be able to keep adding methods and objects in-field without visual studio’s aid or any similar tool.

I believe this would fit under self-modifying code but the instructions to be added would be accepted into RAM by the original program before the modification process.

Thank you.

Yes it is possible it can be done dynamically

I trust this would fit under self-changing code yet the directions to be included would be acknowledged into RAM by the first program before the alteration procedure.