Is it just me

…or does the Cerbuino Bee start up a LOT faster than Spider or Hydra?

Ran a quick test on my brand-spanking new Cerbuino Bee that arrived today using the LED Matrix module, and when I plug it into a power source, it seems like the app comes up nearly instantly.

Unfortunately, I also ran into the BSOD issue that some folks have been hitting with 4.2 (also ran into a BSOD issue with Hydra on 4.2 if I hit the onboard reset button). But I’m liking the perf on the Cerbuino already.

Correct and this was reported to Microsoft with a fix expected in 4.3

Much time wasted in formatting the heap, which is very large on spider and others.

Ah…so in this case, it’s a very good thing to have less memory available. :slight_smile:

Crazy but yes

Sry for this totaly unrelated post but I just read this:

Than I skipped the rest of the post and read the next one

And then I was totally WTF?

Sorry for this unrelated post, but I hope it makes you smile :slight_smile:

@ Weiti - made me laugh :slight_smile:

@ Weiti - Me, too…I LOL’ed. :slight_smile:

I must still be asleep… I’ve read this four times and I still don’t get the joke.

Given the order in which Gus replied to my original post, it looked like he was saying that the fast startup speed in Cerbuino Bee was reported as a bug, which will be fixed in 4.3. :slight_smile:

Now go get some coffee. :smiley:

:o (injecting coffee now)