Is it a joke ? VS2013 preview for download ?!?

Microsoft MSDN send me an email with a link to download Visual Studio 2013 preview, toghether with .net fwk 4.5.1 and Win 8.1 …

Are they going too fast ?

I already have them installed to show off my next module :whistle:

@ Justin - Yea, I should imagine, you Justin are too much ahead !!

But can VS2013 compile some code or is a fancy showtime ?

Some new low energy API’s so i don’t need a new gen iWhatever to test the module :wink:

It’s working fine with Gadgeteer?

Dunno yet, everything installed…now no time :frowning:

and at the moment my goal is an app…

I’m cloning a VM for testing … I will see.

Meanwhile there’s also a new VS2012 Update 3 on the way.

If you are doing a BLE module, maybe there could be some synergies with what we are doing. Internally we have had working BLE Gadgeteer modules for a while now, but it’s a low priority project where we haven’t had too much time to work on the driver yet, which is of course where the real work is.

@ Cuno - hi Cuno, would love to work with you, and yes its a BLE module.
i did see a post of yours a few days ago with a pickie of your module :wink:

@ Justin - Can you send me a message to pfister@ Actually that Gadgeteer module was the second of three BLE boards we’ve developed so far, and we have been looking into the various BLE APIs since last summer.