Is it a bird? Is it a plne? Nope, its super hackers from Hack-A-Day visiting GHI!

Yep, you ready that right. Yesterday, GHI had a semi-surprise visit from the Hack-A-Day crew while in town for the Red Bull Creation in Detroit. The tour had been arranged by Beagleboard co-founder Jason Kridner, so to Jason we say “Thank You”. Sometime in the near future you will see a post about the GHI tour on, we will update this post with a link to that post. Until then just sit there and be jealous! 8)


What a great feature to lock phone screen from auto rotation. :wink:

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@ Architect - aren’t you supposed to be on a jet ski somewhere? :smiley:

Leaving in 6 hours. :slight_smile:

As I sit at my desk on a Monday morning, I guess I am the jealous one! :slight_smile:

Is that Chris Gammel with the camera?

good pickup, I too reckon so

I am beginning to think that Gary is really the tea boy at GHI?

If he was a tech he’d know how to rotate pictures. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is the world famous Chris Gammel from The Amp Hour podcast,

I’m sorry Dave that you want your account deleted and all memory of you erased from GHI history, if there anything we can do to get you back, please let us know. :whistle:

With that being said, would you like a spot of tea? :smiley:

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and just to clear the air, its a new phone and I have been working feverishly and haven’t had the time to learn the fine art of mobile photography! 8)

Very cool. So, did they hack something up using Gadgeteer? BTW, you may want to spell their name correctly - “Hackaday”. :wink:

I added the dashes to make it easier to read! They didn’t have time to do anything other than shoot the video but we gave them a view things to play with so it will interesting to see if they use them.