Is InFieldUpdate Class available for Hydra+

Given that Hydra is OSHW is InFieldUpdate Class available for use on this platform? Apologies since I am new to Hydra and NETMF. I know from the documentation that Premium and OSHW features were merged for 4.3 but truthfully I don’t even know if that means that Hydra supports all the 4.3 APIs.

It does not.

Reference: Feature Set =>

Hmm… What do people typically do to get in-field-update capability on Hydra? Write their own using MFUpdate framework?

So Premium and OSHW features were merged for 4.3 but not for the Hydra+?

I need to figure this out because I just bought a Hydra+! :think:

Take a look at the news history if you like. There is no premium and open any longer. They all share the same assemblies. Hydra however is sold near cost and open source to help the maker community, and it lacks some of our features. The catalog description and the developed page should point out the details.

Is there any reason an in-field-update mechanism cannot be implemented on Hydra+ using MFUpdate class framework?

You can definitely add it if you want.

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