Is FEZConfig standalone yet?

Do users still need to have NETMF pre-installed in order to use FEZConfig? I’m asking because there might be a scenario where I may not want to use In-Field Update and would rather give a customer the application binaries and simply have them update a board via FEZConfig. I would rather not force them to install NETMF in this scenario.

It runs well without installation.
Just copy the “GHI FEZ Config” anywhere.
When you do a FW or loader update you get asked to browse for the files.

The driver can be easily installed by placing the dpinst.exe from the MS driver SDK into the same folder as the .inf and .cat files of the two drivers and run it. It will install all .inf files in the same folder.
But be aware that there is a different dpinst.exe for x86 and x64.