is fez hydra support GPRS?

[Sorry, brain fart.]

i need to know is it support GPRS?

From the GHI GPRS module…

Has anyone found another option?

[quote]From the GHI GPRS module…

Currently, this module works only with FEZ Spider Main board.

Has anyone found another option?[/quote]

Where do you see this?! GPRS module should work just fine on hydra

Sorry. I think I’ll log off now… This is not going well. I was looking at the WiFi module :frowning:

@ niyomal

I know it was asked before. But why are you keep asking same questions,that has been already answered:

@ Architect i am really embarrass with this problem…in some forums they told that hydra is not suporting for gprs i wanna confirm that datz y ask…

I see. We just want to make sure that you are not a bot! ;D

Anyways, the first thing to check when you are not sure if module is supported by a main board is to compare available socket types. In your case GPRS module is socket type “K”, when you check description of the Hydra main board you can see that there is a socket with letter K on it.That means it does support any module with socket K, including the GPRS module.

ok, thanx for all i need lots of help from you in near future…keep in touch guys…