Is FEZ domino going to sleep?

Is it going to sleep when I leave it for along time ??

my program will receive the character from UART using “UART_DataReceived” event but when no incoming data for along time then It cannot receive the data. I must press the reset button on the board that the program will work correctly.

No sleep, possible your program exited due to exception.

I run the program with and without debuging, the program works correctly and can run without any exception. what going on? I don’t understand.

No sleep, You mean FEZ domino have no sleep mode and it will not go to sleep although it will be dormant for long time.

thanks for your reply.

sorry if you don’t understand me, my english skill is poor.


Correct, it will not go to sleep.

Of course, it’s Domino NOT Dormino. :stuck_out_tongue: Happy holidays.

yeah…Thank you for your reply

Happy new year and Merry Christmas 2012 :slight_smile:

Is it possible to occur an exception that causes the system stop working…??


Gus answered that question: