Is Domino fast enough to communicate with Kinect?


I am new to embedded stuff so if the question seems to be stupid sorry in advance. Our company currently has a project that requires us to communicate with Microsoft Kinect. Kinect uses USB and the data rate is about 30 MB per second which is pretty big. FEZ Domino looks like a good candidate for us with the C# programming environment and libraries to use USB port as a host. I’ve already seen people doing some communication with Kinect using Domino but looks like nobody get the camera data (which is the ~30 MB data).

My question is, is the 72 MHz ARM microcontroller fast enough for handling such a rate? If not what would you suggest us to use for such a project?

It is probably not but assuming it is, what will a device with 100kb memory be able to do with 30mb/sec?

The data comes in small chunks (like 1760 bytes per packet) so I thought maybe I’ll read all the data but write only the needed data (which is like 1 MB per second) to an SD card.