Is anyone working on Kinect? i am, help appreciated

Hi Forum :slight_smile:
I have a Domino board and trying to get the kinect working, so far i can set LED:

Motor.SendSetupTransfer(0x40, 0x06, _led, 0x0, new byte[] { 0x0 }, 0, 0);

(Motor is USBH_RawDevice), _Led is 0…7

I can also read accelerometer and angle, yesterday i could read the init status but today that doesnt work, i’ve done no changes to the code. but now im tired and seeing double so i probably have…

anyway. i try to set the angle of the motor.

 public void SetMotorAngle(byte Angle)
            if (Angle < 0xC0) Angle = 0xC0;
            if (Angle > 0xFF) Angle = 0xFF;

            byte[] b = new byte[] { 0x0 };
            Motor.SendSetupTransfer(0x40, 0x31, Angle, 0x00, [b]b[/b], 0, 0);

b is supposed to be empty, but SendSetupTransfer wont let me put null or uninitalized variables in data :confused:

when i read the status of the accelerometers with

 byte[] buf = new byte[10];
            Motor.SendSetupTransfer(0xC0, 0x32, [b]0x0[/b], 0x0, buf, 0, 0xA);

buf[9] is the strain on the motor, 4 means motor moving, 1 means cant move further.
for a couple of seconds the status is 4… then 1. but it doesnt move, it seemingly thinks its moving…

so, if anyone is working on the kinect, or is willing to try to see if it works, please try it and tell me!
the kinect works perfectly with the xbox.


// this is the motor ...

btw. i know i wont be able to realtime process anything, but it should be possible to stream the depth data to an USB disk and then post process…
this would be a perfect addition to the robotics codebase i am working on.

Welcome to the forum. We had few discussions before, but I don’t remember anybody showing anything yet. You’ll be the first one! Keep us posted!

This is sweet! This community needs someone with good USB background.

Thanks :slight_smile: i’ll do my best to solve it. i will clean up the code and post if someone is willing to cooperate on it. btw, i take no credit for “hacking” the kinect protocol, i’ve spent a couple of evenings staring at the libfreenect project but an MF port would be awesome

You can create a wiki page about this. I am sure others will appreciate it and will add on to it

Thanks Gus, i did:

Will post more this weekend,
I think i should read up on RLP, seems promising unless i’d have to bitbang USB.

@ c0ax I’d be happy to pitch in where time permits; this would make a great addition to Gadgetos (Pyxis 2) and my Game Slate (my NETMF game system).

@ Skewworks thanks! And yes, getting time between work and family and such is the hardest part! I saw your work, wow! i need to order a supported board, this looks awesome. In the meantime in thinking if making à kinect shield for joint position and such since tjat requires some serious amount of memory and CPU. One solution could be using a raspberry pi for kinect and communicate joint / depth data over usb, but that’s cheating :wink: i hope to get the time to update the wiki and post code tonight

You should wait for the FLEX; we’ll be accepting pre-orders soon enough :wink:

Yay! i finally got it to work. a combination of a faulty power supply (the LED works when on USB power only) and missing to initialize.

i have posted code in “Code”

that was the easy part. now i’m getting started on the depth camera… this will be interesting!


@ Skewworks give me a FLEX! :wink: what are the specs?
im working on a VTOL airplane and i was going to use the Domino to control it. but the EMX board would rock. i guess FLEX will be even more powerful? and please tell me it has 9 PWM :wink:

FLEX: EMX core, built-in LiPo & Charger (3.5+ hrs in testing, probably more in production), thumbstick, 6 buttons, 4.3 inch touch LCD; MP3 decoder, stereo speakers, audio jack, barrel jack, RGB LED, backlight dimming control, IHDL (inline hardware driver loader; add more hardware and all you need is a driver for instant access anywhere in the system), ethernet jack, usb host, usb client, sd card slot, power switch, remaining pins broken out (possibly Gadgeteer compatible, will have final word on that soon).

All for slightly more than Cobra w 4.3 inch & case. Current target price is 325USD; we might be able to lower that w enough pre-orders.

And it all comes pre-loaded with Gadgetos (Pyxis 3), an FTP server, file manager, picture viewer, demon solitaire, multiple profile support, GameSlate support, PS3 controller, printer, mouse supportm and a host of other features.