Iron Man NiteLite (work in progress)

Yesterday I posted the NiteLite project on hackster:

I had the voice commander app working on a PI2, a Windows 10 Desktop and a Phone. And it seems to work well with a cheap microphone and a cheap USB soundcard directly from a PI2. But I am still testing and I think I need to optimize (and learn more about it) the voice-recognition part.


@ andre.m - I love this old-school sounds :slight_smile: The mic I have used (for the RPI2) is a cheap, desktop microphone:

When testing on the desktop, I used the microphone of my webcam (Logitech C920). You can see the modified version of this microphone on the shoulder of Iron Man in the first picture. Simply disassembled the mic.

To connect the microphone to the RPI2, I used this cheap USB-Soundcard:

@ andre.m - :smiley: Yep, 3.5 .I just updated my answer

@ andre.m - This is an excellent Idea :slight_smile: But first I need to understand the grammar-file better.

Superb demo. :clap:

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@ Sprigo - Thanks :slight_smile:

An exciting demo, thanks for sharing.

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@ andre.m - I am very used to vi/vim. Have not tried VS Code for a project, therefore I cannot tell you if I would prefer it over VIM. But there is an alternative. You can create a file-share with samba and access that folder with Visual Studio :slight_smile:

@ Gus - Thanks :slight_smile:

Great project! However, it would make the worst nightlight ever. My son would never go to sleep. He’d be talking to his nightlight all night!

(BTW, I submitted it to Hackaday. I encourage others to do the same…)

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@ ianlee74 -

LOL :slight_smile:

Thank you for submitting the project to Hackday as a Tip. Highly appreciated.

I am going to check out Hackaday today as well.