IrLed (e-block)

Hello guys, I have an fez mini and like to use a IrLed? How I can do this? Like a “normal” led (other PWM?) ?

It is used in the Internet of things ebook

Where do I connect the IrLED on the FEZ Mini Robot? On that shield, I can’t find any E-Block connector for the Di is this correct? I looked for Di1 and couldn’t find it too…

Gus, Thanks for the reference, just found the topic you pointed, but can’t connect the E-Block

Marcelo Delpino

There are 7 sockets on top to add whatever you like

You mean those A1~A7? Aren’t they just analogs?

No, they can be used as digital.

Ok I’ll try that :slight_smile: Thanks Gus!

Many thanks!