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Personally I hang around the C# channel in, of course no one there uses MF so I though if other people might be interested in forming such a channel.


I already suggested this, so I second this idea.


Like you guys know, we always try to do our best to keep all your needs right on this website. We take all suggestion seriously and study them. But we do not support is providing something external to this website, only because we can’t fully control it and tweak it to fit our needs.


What if there was such a thing, but only accessible to FEZ Legends or something?

Yeah, it would be relatively uncontrolled, but you can put a disclaimer or something on it. Besides, if someone is a high ranking FEZ user here, they are unlikely to trash up a chat channel.


I ownerz all your nodes. I do support this idea as it allows for free flowing idea generation. A log can always be maintained and portal provided on the web site.


Me too!

yes and no. Ideal for chatting about betas and stuff, but it would be nice to be able to help beginners too with simple stuff. Advanced stuff would be redirected to the forum.

Why not use a small IRC script on your server then? Probably the one mostly used today is this one:

Which seems to be easy to install. You can add mods to keep the channel clean.


Well I’m idling in in #MicroFramework if anyone wants to join me feel free to do so :slight_smile:


If it helps, Gus, maybe I could start an “unofficial” FEZ user group IRC channel. That way, it is in no way related to your company.


i vota for :wink:


We will look into adding chat right on this website.


Great! Please use something simple.


Awesome! I’m sure there’s at least a few AJAX based IRC clients you ight be able to use.