IR Receiver Module doesn't On Toolbox

hi guys

I want to use IR Module on Cerberus but there is’t any IR receiver on Toolbox , another problem is that on my cerb board there is not “X” for using this module ,i think my board is old coz on the site and visualstudio port 5 & 6 wrote “X” .
my question is how can i use IR receiver on NETMF (“GADGETEER”),and my board is old ? if yes, this module work with my old board or not .


@ hessam - The IR Receiver module was discontinued and moved to our Discontinued Modules SDK. It is discussed here:

Since the IR Receiver requires an X socket, it will work on sockets 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 on the FEZ Cerberus. All X sockets work on Y sockets as well. Sockets 5 and 6 are X sockets so it should work on either of those.

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