IR / Optical Detector

I’m needing to create a device that will signal a relay NO/NC when a light or IR signal bounces back from a reflector. Think the IR beam that goes across the opening of your garage door. When its closing if the bean is broken it stops.

Basically I just need something that works up to about 15 ft. Ideally I would just wire it up to an IO pin on my Fez Cobra (or Raspberry Pi) which I could then use flip a relay or send some other signals.

Any one have any components in mind?


I would look at a safety sensor for a garage door such as

OK… Not exactly what I was thinking, but its a start. These would be way too big for my project.

I would like to just have the sensor bounce the signal back via a reflector…

Here is an example…

This is exactly what I want to do, but was hoping to find the right “parts” to build one a bit more compact controlled by my Cobra.


Ok… I just went ahead and ordered the one I linked. Its “small enough” and the NO/NC SPDT relay will hook up nicely to a GPIO pin on whatever board I want to use. Might even try to hook it up with an XBEE module and git it working “wireless”.