IPhone 6S

Does the new IPhone 6S make the prior versions a failure?

That’s an odd question.

Only if their marketing team earns their bonuses :wink:

The correct answer is yes it does. Technically the phone works just as well as it did yesterday, but now you are uncool as you aren’t current and there must be a reason why you don’t have the latest iPhone and it certainly it can’t be that the new iPhone is unworthy.

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I think nobody has gotten the joke! :open_mouth:

@ Duke Nukem - I neither approve nor disapprove of those who want to buy the latest technology or toy, but I strongly support their right to make personal choices.

Very Punny.

The failure is in how Apple didn’t do anything this time around but repackage MS/Nokia innovations. A iSurface, an iSurfacePen, iLivingImages, etc.