Ipad and android Phone can't find the bluetooth module

Hi, I am testing the bluetooth module. Its works well with PC.
My PC can send text to the spider via bluetooth.
But when I am trying to use my Ipad2 and HTC android phone to discover the spider, they can’t find the spider.
Any idea?


Your device, any device, must support SPP http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth_profile#Serial_Port_Profile_.28SPP.29

OK, The IPAD don’t support the SPP, I am checking the android phone.
Does the bluetooth module only support SPP?
If it is true, we can’t communicate the Gadgeteer using IPAD or some android phone via bluetooth, we may lost some applications.
Like use A2DP to transfer the audio?

Is this a limitation of the module or just due to the fact that the driver only is provided by the SerialPort class for now?

Every single Bluetooth module I have seen so far is a “virtual serial port” and so it is SPP.


The Bluetooth module schematic shows a “big” BT chip with UART and SPI support. I suspect all the Bluetooth
stuff is inside the chip, include the supported profile.

The chip may have the ability to present itself as other profiles, but there is no identification of the chip number on the schematic, so I could not check.

Correct, the chip makers provide the software to provide multiple profiles but they usually use SPP because it is the one that make sense for these modules. Other may use the chip on ear piece so it will use audio profile…etc.

The problem is not on the module thought. It is on the device. For example, Apple do not want you to use Bluetooth to transfer data so they didn’t include SPP in their software…at least last time I checked.